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  • All-In-One Logistics Service

TAIPEI PORT TERMINAL CO is invested by GODLSUN CO, whose No 2 bulk material distribution center is responsible for East 10 11 12 dock’s operation and 9 giant facilities.

The functions of these facilities include import, loading, unloading, storage and distribution of cement, gravel and hearthstone. The IT system of distribution center can control the transportation of gravel , automatic processing and vehicle delivery. It can create different kinds of business developments, reduce the cost of delivery time and produce, balance the market and raise the benefit of management and economic. It can show the big benefit of storage logistics.


Taipei Port Terminal Co. is 100% invest by Goldsun Co, and the NO 2 Taipei Port Bulk Distribution Center BOT project is company’s major business scope.

集團服務Group Service

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Goldsun Express & Logistics (GSE) was founded in 1998, 100% invest by SECOM, and established a bonded international logistic center. GSE can offer 3PL,4PL service include forwarder, customs clearance, bonded re-export ,bonded storage, distribution and VAS work......